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Date Released:  2022-01-12
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It seems that Jack Bailey and Romeo Davis just can't get enough of each other! They say opposites attract, and these two guys couldn't be more different. Flame-haired cutie, Jack, is definitely the sort of boy you'd want your mom to meet, whereas heavily-tattooed, rough-guy Romeo would have her running for her life!

They make out on a hotel bed, lips locked, tongues dancing. The sight of the immense bulge in Jack's shorts sends vigorous waves of lust surging through Romeo's body. He instantly remembers the sensation of complete satisfaction he felt when this beautiful dick was last inside him. He wraps his masculine hand around Jack's throat, who responds with a naughty flash of his winning, all-American smile.

Romeo releases Jack's 8-inch power tool from its harness and the boy gets naked while the rough, older dude gets to work. Experience counts for everything in the sex game, and Romeo knows how to give mind-blowing head. Jack bites his lip. His smooth body vibrates with intense pleasure.

Romeo is soon on his back, groaning wildly as his hungry hole is probed by Jack's prehensile tongue. Moments later, Jack is sliding his huge, nubile dick into the older man's muscular ass.

Jack drills real hard. He wants to breed his daddy's ass and every forceful stroke takes him a notch closer to his horny goal. Romeo moans, ecstatic.

Jack grabs his phone and starts to film himself. He wants a memento of this incredible, lust-fueled encounter, but seeing himself on the screen just makes him want to blow.

Jack throws the phone onto the bed and focuses on the task in hand, banging the tattooed daddy with increasing force. He explodes deep inside Romeo, filling the older man's guts with rich, ripe semen, which continues to cascade from his rigid dick as he pulls out.

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